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Maravillas Históricas

Visite puertos y conozca la historia del destino a través de nuestros Oficiales Séniors. El equipo de navegación lo invita a emprender un viaje que explorará el legado y las historias personales de estos viajes por el Mediterráneo. El equipo ofrecerá fascinantes presentaciones que reflejan perspectivas personales de la región y lo acompañarán en exclusivas excursiones terrestres.

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24 JUN 2020 | Maravillas Históricas

Visit hometown ports along the southern coast of Italy and learn about the history of the destination from our very own – the Senior Officers of Seven Seas Voyager: Captain Felice Patruno, Staff Captain Luciano Montesanto and First Navigation Officer Amadis Saraceno. The navigation team invites you to sail on a journey that will explore the heritage and personal stories of Corato, Lecce and Crotone, Italy. Felice and his team will deliver exciting presentations reflecting personal insights of the region and escort exclusive shore excursions.

Visit a 13th-century castle with a mystical design and variety of architectural styles so important that it has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and then enjoy a delightful visit to the place one of our celebrated Captains calls home - Corato.

Corato, an engaging town built on a slope descending to the Adriatic Sea that dates back to the third century BC in the Roman era. Today, Corato it is known for its traditional food and wine production and in particular, for its extra virgin olive oil which is good for both cooking and general health.

Call on Otranto, a coastal town in southern Italy’s Apulia region. It’s home to the 15th-century Aragonese Castle and 11th-century Otranto Cathedral. From here, visit the town of Lecce, “the Florence of the South”, famous for its buildings and baroque-style churches.

Crotone is a port city in Calabria, southern Italy. The monumental Castello di Carlo V is a 9th-century fortress that was modified in the 1500s. The National Archaeological Museum houses items, including a gold tiara, unearthed at the ancient Temple of Hera Lacinia in the nearby Capo Colonna Archaeological Park.

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